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Adam is by no means restricted to this method of making figurative studies and in 1990 his piece "Fallen Hero (also known as 'Fallen Warrior')', constructed from steel beams and other scrap during the Pachipamwe workshop held at Cyrene Mission 1989, was exhibited in Glasgow, Salford and Dublin as part of "Art From The Frontline" and in 1995 at the British Museum as part of the Ground Force Africa Garden. In July 1990 he attended the Triangle Workshop at the Mashomack Fish and Game Reserve, Pine Plains, New York State. He has also participated in other workshops such as Thapong and was also invited to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 1994.


In 1985 controversy arose over his winning entry in the Tower Gardens Sculpture Contest, 'Looking To The Future', a magnificent 3.5 metre tall male nude figure gazing up into the sky. Within months it was summarily removed from public display by order of the Minister for Culture and spent many years in the storeroom of the Gallery, then situated on the Main Square, by City Hall. When the Gallery moved to Douslin House, the sculpture took pride of place in the courtyard garden, but more recently, another edict has removed this masterpiece to another storeroom.


In 1994, Adam was awarded the President's Award of Honour 'for consistent artistic excellence and outstanding dedication to the development of contemporary visual artists of Zimbabwe', the highest accolade within the country. He now lives and works mainly in South Africa and his sculptures can be found in many major hotels and game lodges in that country.


In 2000 Adam was filmed in an educational programme for Channel 4, creating figurative work using the method described above. His famous sculpture of Kgosi Mogale stands at the entrance of the Kedar Country Hotel and he was also commissioned to make a sculpture of a Miner in Krugersdorp in 2005. Outside of Africa, his work can also be seen in collections such as the Art Center Hugo Voeten in Belgium.






Born in 1954 in Bulawayo, he attended David Livingstone Memorial and Llewellin Barracks Primary Schools, achieving his Zimbabwe Junior Certificate through private study. In 1970, he joined the Mzilikazi Art & Craft Centre, Bulawayo and in 1974, following the course, became Art Instructor (ceramics), remaining in the post until December 1992.


He began sculpting in metal in 1982, following a workshop sponsored by Oxyco. Frustrated by the limitations of scale available to him in ceramic sculpture, Adam developed and pioneered a method to create life and larger than lifesize works, welding metal over wet clay, later evacuated, to leave a hollow figure. In 1988 in an interview (Insight 88.1 NGZ), he sad "I enjoy very much working in metal because it reveals the physical strength in the art. Working in this medium gets down to your nerves and gives you that satisfying feeling. My abstract work gives a message to the people, though sometimes I might do something different."


WeldArt 83   NGZ, Harare, Zimbabwe

WeldArt 85   NGZ, Harare, Zimbabwe

WeldArt 87   NGZ, Harare Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Heritage 1988 NGZ, Harare Zimbabwe

WeldArt 89   NGZ, Harare Zimbabwe

Art From The Frontline Glasgow Salford and Dublin 1990

Pauline Podbrey Gallery, London 1992 and 1993

Matabele Metal Aberdeen Art Gallery 1992

WeldArt Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery 1993

Zimbabwe Heritage NGZ Harare 1993 (selected artist)

WeldArt Belfast City Gallery 1994

Johannesburg Biennale 1995

Decade Of Award Winners, NGZ Harare 1997

A Garden For Africa British Museum London 2005

Transitions SOAS London 2005

Terre Noire Musee Departmental Maurice Denis 2007

Art Center Hugo Voeten 2012

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair

1st prize, Tower Garden Sculpture Competition 'Looking To The Future', Bulawayo 1985

2nd prize, Tower Garden Sculpture Competition 'Mbira Player', Bulawayo 1985

1st prize, WeldArt 87 'Jacket', Harare 1987

Award Of Merit, Zimbabwe Heritage 'Contemplation', Harare 1988

2nd prize WeldArt 89 'Togetherness', Harare 1989

Award Of Merit, Zimbabwe Heritage 'Hot Seat', Harare 1989

Presidents Award Of Honour, Zimbabwe Heritage, Harare 1994