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Yoke Maker

1992 H: 38cm

The Lifter

1989 H: 35cm

Resting Worker

1992 H: 15cm

Mushongoyo Player

1989 H: 42cm

Adam Madebe taught ceramic sculpture at the Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre for eighteen years until 1992. These rare examples of his work in this medium demonstrate his unparalleled mastery in realising the human form.


The sculptures are biscuit fired and some are then painted in PVA and burnished using a copper wire brush. Frustration with the size limitations of this medium led the artist, together with David Ndlovu, to develop the technique of creating large figurative works in metal.

Adam Madebe - 'Yoke Maker' 1992 ceramic Adam Madebe - 'Mushongoyo Player' 1989 Adam Madebe ' Resting Worker' 1992 Adam Madebe - 'The Lifter' 1989