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Born in 1940 in Buhera, he was trained to sculpt in wood under Father Groeber and Cornelius Manguma at the Serima mission in Masvingo Province. After a year there he moved to the capital, Salisbury where he became an officer in the British South Africa Police, an occupation he maintained until 1976, when he became a full time sculptor.


In 1962 he took up stone carving under the auspices of Frank McEwen, then Director of the National Gallery of Rhodesia, joining other sculptors now collectively known as the First Generation. His works were included in exhibitions in Southern Africa, London and Paris from 1964 to 1972, these being the first exhibitions to show 'Shona' sculpture to a world audience.


Nicholas quickly became recognised as one of the leading sculptors of the country and having become a full time artist, maintained his success both at home and overseas. With the money he acquired from sales, he was able to purchase and settle in a farm at Ruwa, outside the capital, where he lived with his two wives, Grace and Betty and his children, all of whom followed him into sculpture.


Until his death in 2002, Nicholas exhibited worldwide and his pieces are held in many important museums and globally, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the British Museum, the Indianapolis Museum Of Art and the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, as well as in a large number of private collections. Some of his greatest works have toured the globe as part of the Chapungu Sculpture Park Permanent Collection.


Details of some of the numerous exhibitions that Nicholas participated in can be found on his Wikipedia page, a link to which is given below. Much other significant information about this late great artist and other reference information can also be found there.


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