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Tafadzwa Gwetai is a Zimbabwean visual artist, painter, sculptor and curator who works in oil paint, mixed media and found objects. He holds a BTech; Creative Art & Design (Hons) Degree from the University of Chihnoyi, Zimbabwe. Gwetai has been actively involved in the arts since 2001 to date and has participated in various local as well as international exhibitions in Australia, Germany and South Africa.  


Most recently in 2015, Tafadzwa has worked from May to October as Assistant Curator to Raphael Chikukwa in the Zimbabwe pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale, remaining in the city and working daily at the exhibition, entitled 'Pixels of Ubuntu/Unhu; Exploring The Social And Cultural Identities Of The 21st Century', engaging with visitors from all over the globe and blogging about his experiences with them and the artwork on display.

2014:   Con Artist: The Purpose Of Illusion (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2013:   Counting People (Art Eye Gallery, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa)


2012:   Aesthetic Codes: When Science Meets Art (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2010:   The Incredible Discovery of Professor T. Gwetai (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2007:   Laying Down of Thoughts (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2001:   Blind Rise (National Gallery, Bulawayo)

Solo Exhibitions



2011    1st Place- European Union  (National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare);


2010:   1st Place- Stanbic Bank Meeting Point (Competition & Exhibition), (National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare)


2010:   3rd Place- FACET Zimbabwe Now; competition and exhibition of paintings, graphics and multi-media sculpture by Federal Republic of Germany (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2010:   Award of Merit- Summer Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2008:   2nd Place (graphics) – Post Election Selection: The Event and Lessons Learned.      

Paintings and Graphics exhibition sponsored by The Swiss Embassy, (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2007:   Award of Special Mention- Peace through Unity in Diversity art competition sponsored by European Union,     (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2006    Awarded the University Book Prize (Chinhoyi University of Technology)

Group Exhibitions

2015:   Contemporary African Art Exhibition, October 2015 (Chelsea Town Hall Library Gallery, London)


2012:   Summer Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2012:   Between the Sheets Artists Books. (Gallery East, Australia)


2012:   The spirit of friendship (An exhibition by the Spanish Embassy)


2011:   Summer Exhibition. (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2011:   Freedom Revisited- European Union (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2011:   Colour Africa (Munich)


2011:   Art Zimbabwe Today (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2011:   Still life objects (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2011:   Spirit Level (Empire Gallery, Bulawayo)


2010:   Summer Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2010    Stanbic Bank Meeting Point (National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare)


2010:   FACET Zimbabwe Now; competition and exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2009:   22nd Annual VAAB group exhibition (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2009:   Healing Through Art by Jezanna Art Exhibition (Bulawayo Theatre, Bulawayo)


2009:   Harare International Festival of the Arts Fine Art exhibition (National Gallery, Harare)


2009:   Harare International Festival of the Arts Commissioning for SKY WORKS.


2009:   From Confrontation to Reconciliation (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2009:   Unity Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2009:   Walls Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2008:   Let’s Get Together- Art competition consisting of paintings and graphics sponsored by Alliance Francais and the Embassies of Canada, Switzerland and France (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2008:   Discovering Our Identity- Annual Intwasa Arts Festival, Visual Arts (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2007:   The Young Artists Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2007:   The Small Works Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2007:   Paintings and Sculptures Exhibition, (Gallery Delta, Harare)


2007:   Three man exhibition entitled ‘Spirit Level’.


2002:   Transmission International Contemporary Art Exhibition. Manchester, England, curated by Raphael Chikukwa.


2002:   Group exhibition. 16th Annual Visual Arts Association in Bulawayo Exhibition (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2002:   Entitled ‘Private Positions’, a young artists exhibition of recent works (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2001 – Entitled ‘Africa Exhibit’. Liebenweintuurm Burghausen, Germany.


1999 – Visual Artists Association of Bulawayo Group exhibition (National Gallery, Bulawayo)

2012:   Bulawayo Avant-Garde.A group exhibition by Visual Artist Association of  Bulawayo. (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2011:   Turning point: transformation unlocked (Empire Gallery, Bulawayo)


2011:   Spirit Level, setting the Balance (Empire Gallery, Bulawayo)


2011:   Turning point: transformation unlocked (Empire Gallery, Bulawayo)


2009:   EXPOSURE. A photography Exhibition by Oria Dale and Gabrielle Elkaim (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2009:   Women Speak. An exhibition designed to showcase the vibrant work of women artists (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2009:   Piece for your Hut: Peace for your Heart. A painting exhibition by Aubrey Bango (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2009:   Legalise Art: an exhibition designed to give a platform for experimental art.


2009:   LegaliseArt2: Made In Bulawayo. An exhibition designed to give a platform for experimental art.


2009:   The time has come– A painting exhibition by Nompilo Nkomo (National Gallery, Bulawayo)


2008:   The Young Artist’s Exhibition of Recent Works (Gallery Delta, Harare)

Curated Exhibitions


Portrait Of Tafadzwa Gwetai

Tafadzwa has been a resident artist at the National Gallery, Bulawayo from September 2008 to date. Prior to this, he was a Resident Artist at Gallery Delta in Harare from 2006-2008 where he acquired both artistic and curatorial training under the guidance of Helen Leiros (artist and founder of Gallery Delta) and Derek Huggins (Director and founder of Gallery Delta). To date he has curated over ten exhibitions. In 2015 he spent five months as assistant curator at the Zimbabwe pavilion, Venice Biennale.


Tafadzwa Gwetai explores the human condition and how mankind has redefined themselves and their basic existence. Existentialist philosophy such as that of Rene Descartes and Plato who challenged the existence of man and founded the concept of ‘I think therefore I am’. This influenced his line of thought to that of challenging the purpose and meaning of mankind’s existence.