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Victor Nyakauru was born in 1977 and grew up in the township of Chitungwiza outside Harare. Having become interested in art, he joined the Visual Art Studios of the National Gallery in 2005 where he studied for three years  until 2007.


Further to his studies he was awarded a residency at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in 2009 and has also attended a workshop in Vermont towards the end of 2011 sponsored by the Robert Sterling Clark International Fellowship.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Zimbabwe and China, both as a solo artist and in group shows. He has also received various awards for his sculptures. He specialises in creating animal forms from a variety of materials including stone, metal, wood, plastic, bone and other waste materials, regenerating life from this inanimate matter. He now teaches at the School for Visual Art and Design in Harare, the successor to the BAT workshop working with upcoming artists carefully selected by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Victor Nyakauru at work in his studio